Saturday, March 14, 2009


I haven't been blogging in awhile because I havnt had any lessons lately.
Story short-My mom is a bitch and needs to go die in a hole.

I'll record somethings about my past few rides though...
Last sunday-
went western on Quita, she was quite speedy but reasonably good...Okay alot speedy.No braked what so ever =P .I think she needs a new bit.But she wasnt bucking or trying to get me off so I think it went alright

Holly-I didnt have much time left because low and mom was with me...
Lunged her, then through her bridle on and went for a bareback road walk.She was really good.I love my princess <3

This friday-
Took Quita out.She was pretty good for once!Her canter is so weird though...I cant get used to it for the life of me.It's like impossible to get a nice controlled canter.Ugh.It's like, I ask for canter and then she's like YUPPEEE LETS GOOOOO!
A million trillion billion little half halts generally help...But I'm still thinking she needs a different bit.She's SO strong 0.o

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Anonymous said...

"Story short-My mom is a bitch and needs to go die in a hole."

HA omg. I totally stalked your blog of HCBC forums. But yeah, they grow out of it. :)