Sunday, February 22, 2009


I was still so sick so I didnt do that much with her.I rode in out home indoor isntead of at the club.She was good =)Then I went on a nice road ride with her she's such a chicken shit and a drama queen I sure am falling for this pony.

Saturday-I was going to go on a trail ride with Hannah but Holly was lame =(
I don't know whats wrong with her and I'm really scared that it's something serious.
My poor pony.Went on a road walk with Hannah, then we walked by the fraser river with Quita...Holly isnt even sound enough for a road walk.

Sunday-Lesson on Quita today.She was alright.Dumped me during our warm up, but it's p artiall my fault.I could have sat through that.Got back on and did lots of pole work and that was good.She's flipping adorable.

LAST friday: I dont flipping remember...Shit.

Saturday-Nice trail ride with Hayley and Erin at the CVP!Yay!

Sunday-Alright lesson.Hannah came and watched, she was really quick in the first 1/2 then she died and would barely trot.It wasnt horrible, atleast I didnt come off.

Ponies <3

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