Monday, January 26, 2009


So i'm going to do a blog for each of the amazing horses that once have been, or are in my life.

For starters i'd like to put Pirate...He's the love of my life and I miss him dearly.
In the summer of '07 I worked at the track and leased a horse from Eragon equestrian...That pony got unexpectedly sold, and I ended up switching from horse to horse at that barn.One of the boarders told me that she has a friend who knows a friend who bought and old race track that came with horses on it.This person knew nothing about horses and they were all un-shod, un-wormed,underfed ect ect...
Then I got this "bright idea" to buy him behind my mothers back with money from working at the track.I paid $700 for him, hauling included.I was un experienced and was dieing to have my new buddy, I now know that that is an "okay" price, but you could get the same thing at the auction for likely 1/3 of that.

They day he came "home" was July 16th, the same day that a pony foaled at Eragon.
I was asked to bring him off the trailer, I had no idea how and was scared and nervous.he was too.He was all sweaty, but was as calm as possible for a 3 yr old TB gelding.He came off the trailer, tripped alittle but was all good....Then as we were walking to the barn my shoe lace was un done and low and behold he tripped on it!
I fell on my face and though I was going to die of embarrassment.I put him in one of the paddocks and watched him for a few minutes.He trotted along the fence line and hit one of the electric wires, it really freaked him out...Apparently he has never seen an electric fence?Hrm...

Then me, Jessi and Joy hopped in the truck and sent off to the tack shop.I came home with a fly mask,purple water bucket, purple grain bucket,black rubber bucket,and a mineral lick.I was so nervous and excited to be at the tack shop.Hah.You should have seen me.

When we got to the barn we decided to throw him in the cross ties for an exception.
He stood quite quietly while I put his halter on, I lead him up the drive way quite nervously and held on quite tight.He had never been in cross ties before and wasn't sure how to stand.I brushed him for likely close to an hour, then put him in his stall for abit.1/2 an hour later of sitting in the lounge and wanted to see him again...I had completely fallen for him by then.He was my baby.I got "permission" to lunge him so I did, had some trouble getting him to canter but it worked out eventually.Then I put him in his paddock, put his brand new fly mask on, fed him dinner and headed home.

Purchasing this teddy bear of a horse is one of the most "bittersweet" things that I have ever done.He made my smile many of time, I learned quite alot from him.He turned out to be dead quiet, a real sweet heart.As you can tell i'm still head over heels =P.He gained aprox 100 pounds while he was in my care but was still under weight, my mom sold him when she found out and a girl named Victoria bought him.There is come contrvercy about his care, but I don't think he is in any danger.

Pirate is a dark bay, 15.1-15.2 TB gelding.I *believe* he was foaled in 2004 maybe?
He has 1 hind sock an a star that looks like an upside town tear with a tiny chunk out of it.Thanks for reading.

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