Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last 2 lessons.

My last 2 lessons were pretty similar.
There was quite abit going on so she was quite "uppity" in both...
Canter transitions on her are getting SO much better, trot ones are there immediatly.
We've been doing canter poles. Claudia descided that I shouldnt start jumping untill i'm on the new horse because Maddie has been dumping her free leaser alot over the jumps and I might aswell not both.I have 2 more "fun rides" and then thats it!
I'm going to miss that pony!I *might* do a cross rail or two during my fun rides, ultimitely its my choice and it's not like i've never done it on her before.
2 rides.thats it.Ugh. =(

Holly- my last ride wasnt that bad!Sure she was strong but she's still my favorite and is as amazingly cute as ever.I love her so much.I really hope I can still continue riding her, even if its just once a week.

Chiquita-Holy crow i'm excited to get to know her!I hope AI like her!Cant wait for my first lesson. =D

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